Duck Detective: The Secret Salami will launch on mobile this year

Discover who's been stealing lunches at the call centre

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami will launch on mobile this year
  • Play as a duck detective and uncover the identity of the Salami Bandit
  • The game boasts Overwhleimingly Positive reviews on Steam
  • Gather clues, interrogate suspects and fill in the blanks

Detective Duck: The Secret Salami is an adorable narrative-driven adventure game that is currently available for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. At the Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2024, the game’s developer, Happy Broccoli Games, announced that the quack-tastic title is coming to mobile later this year. 

Providing players with about 2-3 hours’ worth of content, Duck Detective follows a recently divorced Duck, struggling with an addiction to bread, who is investigating a sausage-related conspiracy. As this adorable feathered sleuth, you’ll scour crime scenes, interview various suspects to uncover their secrets and examine evidence to find the culprit. You’ll use your magnifying glass to get a close-up look at clues and make “deducktions” based on the evidence.

Donning a brown fedora and trench coat, this washed-up waterfowl will interact with a variety of adorable anthropomorphic critters. You’ll interview quirky characters such as the stern branch manager Manfred Ernst and anxious alligator and call centre employee Freddy Frederson.

Journal showing suspects on the left page and details about alligator Freddy on the right

A Salami bandit is causing trouble at a call centre, stealing lunches left and right. Every employee within the call centre has a potential motive and a secret to uncover. You’ll use the information you gather to literally fill in the blanks and prove your worth as a detective.

The detective game even has a designated quacking button, so you can really let loose your inner duck. Less than a month after its release, the game already boasts Overwhelmingly Positive reviews on Steam. According to the developers, this indie title was inspired by games such as Return of the Obra Dinn and Case of the Gold Idol.

You can view the mobile launch announcement trailer on the Future Games Show’s YouTube channel. To learn more about this narrative adventure, visit Happy Broccoli Games’ official website or follow Duck Detective: The Secret Salami on X (Twitter) and Discord.

Jack Brassell
Jack Brassell
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