Become an Android landlord in free Kairosoft game Dream House Days

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Become an Android landlord in free Kairosoft game Dream House Days
| Dream House Days

Japanese sim specialist Kairosoft has just launched a new game on Google Play. It's called Dream House Days.

In it, you become the architect and landlord of an apartment complex. You'll build a block of flats, then furnish each room with objects like TVs, games consoles, hot tubs, and stereo systems.

If you make certain combinations of furniture (say, a grand piano and a painting), you'll make a specific room (like, in this case, a fine arts room) with unique bonuses.

As ever, your job is to build the best apartment around, attract celebrity tenants, and become a real estate guru.

But, Dream House Days has other goals, too. You need to help your tenants find romance, you see, or land a dream job.

Friends with benefits

This Kairosoft game includes the ability to add friends, and get bonuses based on their total play time. You can register up to five pals by inputting their ID.

Do feel free to share yours in the comments below.

Dream House Days

This new game follows the same payment model as Beastie Bay. It's free, but there's a one-time in-app purchase available for £2.49 to remove the adverts and unlock landscape support.

Dream House Days is currently available exclusively on Android - get it from Google Play right here. iOS gamers should look forward to playing it later in the year.