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The hugely creative Draw a Stickman: AR is now available for iOS devices

The hugely creative Draw a Stickman: AR is now available for iOS devices

The latest entry in Hitcents’ popular Draw a Stickman series, Draw a Stickman: AR, has just been released for iOS devices This one serves up a hearty meal of imaginative puzzling and exciting exploration, and it’s also the first Draw a Stickman game to bring its world to life through the use of AR tech.

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To get started, you’ll need to design a hero – preferably one that can handle an epic adventure through 5 distinct story regions. On your journey, you’ll gain access to a varied selection of magical pencils that can be used to solve puzzles dotted around each location. Creative thinking is a necessity here, and you’ll find plenty of funny characters and scenarios on your path.

An exciting new addition is the ambitious creative mode. In this sandbox-like mode, you’ll use all of your collectable items to design your very own levels. It manages to be both accessible and surprisingly deep, with plenty of neat things to discover and tinker with.

And everything you make can be brought to life in the real world using Apple’s latest ARKit technology. It all works using your iPhone or iPad’s camera. Any flat surface will work fine, so there’s no need to spend time preparing an elaborate play space.

To bring your hand-drawn hero to life in the real world, head for the App Store and download the game now for free.