Atlus will bring Dragons's Crown RPG to PSN

A double scoop of Vanillaware

Atlus will bring Dragons's Crown RPG to PSN
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Atlus has announced that it's acquired North American publishing rights to Dragon’s Crown, a 2D multiplayer RPG currently being developed by Vanillaware.

UTV Ignition originally held the rights to publish Dragon’s Crown, but confirmed the rights had transferred to Atlus this week.

It didn't explain why.

Track record

This is a rather unusual arrangement for Atlus, but if their previous collaboration with Vanillaware- 2007's PS2 hit Odin Sphere- is any indication of what Dragon’s Crown has to offer, Vita fans will be in good hands.

While PS Vita owners eagerly await news from Atlus regarding the release of Persona 4: The Golden, the planned release of Dragon’s Crown will add a solid title to the Vita’s sparse lineup.

Players can select one of six character classes (Dwarf, Wizard, Fighter, Amazon, Sorceress, and Elf) to control as they raid dungeons and complete quests with up to three other players.

There's also a corpse collecting system where you can reanimate other player’s fallen characters and add them to your game.

Unfortunately, due to the switch in publishers Dragon's Crown will be coming to the Vita and PS3 later than anticipated. Although no official release date has been given, it seems unlikely that the game will arrive until 2013.

Via Siliconera