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Dragon Trail: Everything you need to know about the upcoming mobile RPG

Dragon Trail: Everything you need to know about the upcoming mobile RPG

With one final push, you finally make it to the top of the mountain, overcoming the many challenges you had to face along the way. Now, at the summit of your triumph, you bask in the cool breeze and gaze at the scene in front of you. As the lush, open world of Star Island reveals itself, a renewed sense of purpose awakens inside you - you have the ability to tame beasts both big and small, and every single corner of the world is just waiting to be discovered.

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In Dragon Trail, you can do all that and more - and here's everything you can expect from the visually stunning mobile RPG.

A breathtaking new world

Players can expect to fight alongside dragons and other majestic beasts as they embark on an exciting journey throughout Star Island. The vast environment boasts a variety of different landscapes players can discover, with fascinating creatures and interesting tribal folk to meet along the way.

The game features a wealth of treasures players can collect as they go adventuring into uncharted territory. There are also different classes to choose from (warrior, priest, ranger, assassin) to suit different play styles best.

Majestic beasts and evil dragons

As you build your own Dragoncide team and collect creatures to fight by your side, you can tame a host of powerful monsters and use them in combat or bond with them as your pets. You can discover the different personalities of these creatures as well and hunt for their traces all over the island.

Whether you're chilling with the Icy Bear or firing things up with the Fire Wyvern, you can deal devastating damage to evil dragons that threaten the peace across the land. Bonding with your beasts also lets you evolve them, letting you boost your team's gear to become a true powerhouse squad.

Deep mentor-disciple system

With its unique mentor-disciple system, the game lets you train each day by clearing different kinds of challenges and exciting missions. Completing these objectives lets you become more powerful - not to mention you can also score big in-game goodies by finishing missions.

If you're up for something a little bit more social, you can hunt with your master or your apprentice, and even join in on some group hunts with your best buds online for tons of valuable loot.

Fresh new content

When you've picked the best character class that works for you, you can collect different costumes, choose cute mounts, engage in a little teamwork, join in on some island competitions and so much more - all on a quest to unearth the truth about your father’s disappearance and the nuances of the Loyat prophecy.

If you're keen on learning more about Dragon Trail ahead of its release, you can have a look at the official website to stay updated on all the latest developments. You can also join the community of followers on Twitter for more info.