Dragon Quest Champions opens pre-registration for Japanese audiences

Dragon Quest Champions opens pre-registration for Japanese audiences

Previously announced earlier this year, the new mobile gacha RPG Dragon Quest Champions, based upon the titular franchise of legend, has finally opened up pre-registration for Japanese audiences. Dragon Quest Champions is seeking to drop sometime this year, at least within Japan, and seeing pre-reg open up this early inspires a lot of confidence that we’ll likely see it drop decently soon.

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In case you aren’t familiar, Dragon Quest is one of the most standout and long-running JRPG franchises of all time, having been in existence since the early 90s. This series features traditional gameplay and a high fantasy world design, but it’s all wrapped up in a very unique and special art style done by the mythical artist of Dragonball Z; Akira Toriyama.

As for where Champions lands within this canon, it’s basically its own thing entirely. Much like the Builders spinoffs and the numerous other side entries, this story is unrelated to the mainline plot and allows you to fully create your own character who will experience an entirely original story journey full of exciting characters and beautiful locales to check out.

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Combat-wise, this is about as traditional as it gets. Dragon Quest is a big advocate for the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” method of game design, rarely innovating upon the classic turn-based JRPG gameplay of yore. And Champions seeks to do the same thing here, utilizing a 3D enemy encounter screen with fully animated special abilities from your party members too.

There are plenty of items, spells, cosmetics, and many other small nods towards the mainline entries. It’s quite possible somewhere down the line we may even catch a glimpse of some of the characters from those games too!

Overall, this is simply a really cool way to experience Dragon Quest on your mobile device if you’re a fan of the series. If you’re interested, you can pre-register for either of the links below within Japan!

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