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Guide to the Ancient World: part two

Breeding Dome, Mines, Crafting Workshop, and Summoning Wall

Guide to the Ancient World: part two
| Dragon City

Welcome to part two of our Ancient World series where we look closely at everything there is to know about Dragon City's expansive update.

Here we'll take a look at the new buildings: the Breeding Dome, Mines, and Crafting Workshop.

Breeding Dome

The Breeding Dome is exclusively used for breeding two Ancient Dragons to create hybrid dragons that share the two elements of its parents.

Ancient Dragons have to be at least level two to breed and there's a chance of failure but it's totally worth it for a chance at one of those 15 new dragons.


Mines produce the crystals that you need for summoning Ancient Dragons so they're a pretty essential building to purchase as soon as you hit level 27.

There is a mine for each type of Crystal: Diamond, Topaz, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Onyx. Each of them can be upgraded using platinum to a maximum level of three.

Mines can be destroyed at which point you'll have to rebuild them for a set amount of platinum.

Crafting Workshop

The Crafting Workshop is the place you go to polish those low level Crystals to make shiny new ones.

Crafting costs platinum so you'll have to make sure your Ancient Dragons are hard at work producing this new currency.

Levelling Crystals is essential if you want to collect all of the Ancient Dragons so this is an important build as soon as you've purchased a few Mines.

Summoning Wall

The Summoning Wall is where you use your gathered Crystals to summon the powerful Ancient Dragons into the world.

Ancient Dragons cost a varying amount of different levelled Crystals.

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