All about the elemental dragons: part one

Here be dragons

All about the elemental dragons: part one
| Dragon City

In Dragon City there are a huge number of dragons to hatch that come in a variety of different types: elemental, hybrid, and legendary.

The sheer number of dragons can be overwhelming to new players, so this two-part feature will take a close look at the first type you come across, the elemental dragons.

Let's start with the Terra and Flame Dragons.

Terra Dragon

The Terra Dragon is a cute terra-based dragon that resides in a terra Habitat.

Its attacks are terra-based so it'll deal double damage to Nature and Dark Dragons, half damage to Terra and Metal Dragons, and zero damage to Sea Dragons.

Terra Dragons are weak to Metal and War Dragons, taking double damage against each but only take half damage against Terra and Fire dragons, and nothing at all against Electric Dragons.

Flame Dragon

The Flame Dragon is reminiscent of Charmander and its other evolved states but has a few quirks of its own.

Its attacks are strong against Sea and Ice Dragons, weak against Terra and Flame Dragons, and have no effect against Metal Dragons.

It takes double damage from Sea and Electric Dragons but can withstand the attacks of Flame and Metal Dragons. Light Dragons are ineffective against Flame Dragons.

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