All about the buildings: part two

Get out your hammer and chisel

All about the buildings: part two
| Dragon City

Welcome to the second part of our feature series that takes a look at the buildings in Dragon City so that you, the player, can decide whether they're worth investing in.

Recruitment Tavern

The Recruitment Tavern is the place to try and encourage your friends to play Dragon City.

Tap on the tavern, hit recruit, and invite three friends to take up a role in your city. If all three start playing you get a special dragon for free.

If you're a fan of the battle system or need gold, you'll want to build the Recruitment Tavern as soon as possible for those cheap rare dragons.

Dragon Market

The Dragon Market is particularly useful if you have a big group of friends playing with you.

Invite up to ten friends, or use a gem to recruit an elf instead, and over the course of five hours you'll get up to thirty thousand gold or three thousand food, depending on your choice.


This is where your PvP battles are fought so you'll want to buy it right away if that's your particular reason for playing. Bear in mind that it's expensive so hold off if you're low on gold.

The Stadium allows you to enter a tournament once every twelve hours, earning you gold and gems if you succeed so bring your strongest dragons.

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