All about the buildings: part three

Temples, Crystals, Wizards, and Tomato Tree

All about the buildings: part three
| Dragon City

It's time to expand our series of buildings guides to account for the more advanced buildings you'll come across once you've climbed a few levels.

This guide takes a close look at Temples, Crystals, Wizards, and the Tomato Tree.


Temples can be built from level 20 and allow dragons to level up past the initial cap of ten.

There are six different types of Temple: Magic, Noble, Knight, Master, Epic and Wonders and each raise the level cap by five levels.

Build all six and your dragons will be able to hit the maximum level cap of 40.


Crystals grant a 20% boost in gold production for all nearby Habitats of the same element.

For example, a Fire Crystal will increase the gold production of nearby Fire Habitats but only if they're within range.

Hybrid dragons will gain the effect of both Crystals. So a Fire and Earth hybrid Dragon will gain a 40% gold production boost if you have nearby Fire and Earth Crystals.


Wizards can be purchased using gems, and allow you to speed up one wait timer per day for free.

There are five different Wizards so if you manage to grab them all, you can speed up five different processes per day.

Tomato Tree

The Tomato Tree constantly produces food and you can gather this once per hour by tapping it.

You'll know when the food is available for harvest because the tree beams with smiles and is full of juicy tomatoes.

The amount of food you gain increases per player level so it definitely pays to have one - especially if you plan on hitting the level cap with all dragons.

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