Dragon Ball Legends cheats and tips - Levelling up and increasing your power level fast

Hyperbolic time chamber. AKA the loo.

Dragon Ball Legends cheats and tips - Levelling up and increasing your power level fast
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So an evil villain is planning to wipe your planet out of existence with a big old ki blast, huh? Humanity on its last legs? Aliens and robots invading? Sound like you, my friend, need to raise your power level, and fast.

Getting angry is definitely one way to do it, but if you want to get that power level soaring in Dragon Ball Legends, you need to be a bit smarter about it.

Luckily, we've got the tips you need. Levelling up fast, equipment, soul boosts and more are what you need in order to power up and fast, so read on for everything you need to know.

Dragon Ball Legends The main team

As tempting as it might be to try and level every character you have equally, the reality is that you'll want to stick to a small team of elite warriors and level the life out of them.

Pick the DBZ Legend's best team of six with different elements/colours, and focus on training them up. In story mode and events, enemies will quickly become quite intimidating to fight against, compared to the easy battles you'll face early on.

You really need to put all of your experience into the few characters, as otherwise later enemies, both NPCs and PvP foes, will be far too powerful for you to battle with any degree of ease.

Equipped for battle

Going into the characters menu, you can equip different items to your characters through the "Change Equip" menu. Equipment isn't actually all that common though, and you'll need to complete Missions and Events to earn it.

You can upgrade equipment too with materials and enough Zeni, which is also well worth doing for your main team, though as said before, there's not much point in focusing on other characters.

Characters will only have a single equipment slot at first, but will soon have three, allowing you to specifically tailor each character to their strengths.

Dragon Ball Legends Soul boost

In Soul Boost you can slowly work your way through a skill tree, unlocking small boosts which will increase your health, attack, defense, critical and more.

You'll need colour Rising Soul items for each upgrade, but you'll get plenty of these from playing story quests and completing missions.

After upgrading your chosen attributes, your character will get a nice little power level boost, making them that much more fearsome in battle.

The same old story

Once you do get to a point where you're up against tall odds, you might need to revisit older missions in order to level up and gather the strength you need.

Go back to older story and event missions, and attempt to clear out the Challenges. Finishing this will net you Chrono Crystals, which will help with Summons, but the experience is the best part, after all.

If you make sure to clear all of the older challenges you've missed, you're sure to soon have a formidable team of warriors.

Dragon Ball Legends Hyperbolic Takes-A-Lot-Of-Time Chamber

The training menu will allow you to put your characters into a day care of sorts, where they'll soak up experience.

Don't wait around for them, it can take some time - at least half an hour, but up to three hours.

Every three hours you can use a free training mode for a little experience, but if you use limited supply training items you can use the more advanced training courses, which will go faster and offer much more experience.

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