Downhill Smash is an upcoming physics-based game that will let you smash brain-eating zombies using a boulder next month

Downhill Smash is an upcoming physics-based game that will let you smash brain-eating zombies using a boulder next month
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If you enjoyed games like the critically acclaimed Cut the Rope, C.A.T.S., Bullet Echo, and King of Thieves, then the same team behind these masterpieces, ZeptoLab, is proud to showcase their next game – Downhill Smash. There’s a little something for fans of the super-viral game Crossy Road as well because ZeptoLab has collaborated with the creators behind the hit – Hipster Whale, an Australian game studio.

Describing Downhill Smash and the collaboration with Hipster Whale, COO of ZeptoLab Max Petrov said: “We are super excited to launch Downhill Smash. It was a blast to work with Hipster Whale. As a company, they encompass the same values as us — innovation, quality, fun — so it was bound to be a great collaboration. Throughout the development cycle Downhill Smash was very well received by players, boasting 50%+ D1 retention and a very high install rate. We can’t wait to share the fun when the game hits the app stores early in December!”

Downhill Smash, like its predecessors from ZeptoLabs, is a physics-based action game. You play as a rider who slides down a mountain inside a massive boulder. This mountain is situated on a post-apocalyptic dystopian world plagued by disgusting brain-eating zombies. Every level you have to continue going down the mountain while getting rid of the zombies by any means possible.

To help you beat these brain devouring zombies, your boulder contains an arsenal of super-powered weapons. Your vehicle will feature machine guns, lasers, chainsaws, and spikes, all of which can be upgraded in order to lengthen its time of use and speed. The boulder can be controlled by taps and swipes to avoid obstacles and the weapons will fire automatically.

CEO of Hipster Whale, Clara Reeves describing the zombie smasher, said: “It was fantastic to collaborate with ZeptoLab in bringing this game to life. We have no doubt players will get just as hooked as we did smashing zombies down a mountain!”

Downhill Smash launches on the App Store and Google Play in early December, but you can pre-order the game now on both platforms.

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