Exclusive: Double Cross shows off its crime-solving gameplay in new trailer

It's not just a platformer

Exclusive: Double Cross shows off its crime-solving gameplay in new trailer
| Double Cross

13AM Games is best known for Runbow, the multiplayer platformer that turned heads a few years back for its colourful graphics and super fun gameplay. And now they're back with a platformer/visual novel/crime investigation mashup by the name of Double Cross.

That may sound a bit confusing, but don't worry - there's a super handy video explaining what exactly you'll need to do to crack the case that your character Zahra is tasked with solving. And you can check it out below!

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Essentially, you'll need to travel between different dimensions to collect specific Clues which can help you break the case wide open. These can be actual items in a level, or simply new characters which you meet as you traverse the worlds.

But these clues don't always lead to a conviction. Sometimes you'll need to show them to the right person to uncover its true meaning, which means having a wander round RIFT HQ to find the character and having a quick chat with them to uncover new information.

If none of that really makes sense, then check the video out. It shows off a bit of the game, as well as goes into much more detail about how clues are logged and the different profiles you'll put together on the RIFT crew.

Intrigued by the gameplay twists in Double Cross? You've not got long left to wait - it's due out on Switch on January 10th, which is just two days away! And yes, we'll be right here with our very own review of the game, so you know exactly what it's all about and whether it's worth trying out.

So, are you thinking of picking it up? Does platforming crossed with crime solving sound like your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments below, then.