Dota Underlords cheats, tips - Advanced tips to win

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Dota Underlords cheats, tips - Advanced tips to win

Now you understand Auto Chess, it's time to become the master

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Dota Underlords is an Auto Chess game, and much like any other Auto Chess game, it'll be easy when you start out, but get difficult fast.

Even if you've read through our tips to win, you might be struggling a bit. I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to mislead you, the game is actually just really hard.

Grasping the mechanics of the game is fine, but your opponents might just get good RNG with their shop and units, or perhaps the right items appear during loot rounds. Losing can come down to anything, but with the following tips in mind, you will be much more powerful in Dota Underlords - and all of the other Auto Chess games, really.

All according to plan

Dota Underlords

When you start getting further in the rounds and higher in the ranks in Dota Underlords, you will have to think much more about how to execute your strategies. All of the basic tips relating to positioning, items, looting, become much more important and impactful.

Your positioning of your units will be the first important point, but it's hardly the only. Ensuring the items you loot complement your team and strategy is just as important as equipping them in the first place. A good item on a useless unit is still going to make a useless unit.

It's at this point you also need to pay closer attention to alliances, ascending beyond level 2, and more.

The items can also impact your strategy more than you intend. For example, some items will allow your unit to launch behind enemy lines. Good for enemies that attempt a wide, picket-line style strategy, but awful against enemies that use blocky, solid formations.

Your decisions in these moments will impact things greatly, and can feel incredibly random, so you need to try and adapt your team for any eventuality - until you only have one or two enemies left, that is.

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Alliances are basically the type of units you're using, like Savage, Warrior, Humanoid, etc. Units can have up to three alliances, and each one will impact the flow of the game.

Getting multiple units of a single alliance on the field should activate an alliance bonus, giving buffs for your party. These are essential.

As games progress, you will want to eschew any units you have which don't complement the alliances you're trying to build towards.


Positioning of your units is an essential tactic, in addition to what combination of units you're using. You know about alliances now, but the base powers and range of the units is important too.

Ranged units are often weaker, and should be kept near the back. Melee and defensive units should be closer to the front, though just because they're tough doesn't mean they're unbeatable.

You may also want to choose to block your units up in a corner of the battlefield, forcing enemies to disperse while approaching you. It's a good strategy, though every strategy has holes.

The final level

We've already mentioned how important it is to ascend your units, but the third and final level is the toughest to reach. You may go several games without ever getting there.

A level three unit requires three level two units to create, which adds up to nine total level one units purchased and combined. That can be tough to get thanks to the random nature of the store, but you can lock the store in place to stop it from refreshing, and stock up units on the bench.

It does mean you will run out of space on your bench and field if you attempt to level up every unit, and two of the same unit on the field won't go towards an alliance bonus, so keep these factors in mind.

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