Developer posts early preview of Doom 3 Android port

Hell hath plenty of fury

Developer posts early preview of Doom 3 Android port
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Four years have passed since id Software announced that it was working on Doom 4, and while that game has yet to see a release one of id’s developers has taken up the task of bringing Android users a playable version of Doom 3.

Krzysztof Klinikowski uploaded a video onto his Google+ page, calling it an 'early Doom 3 port on Android'.

Unfortunately, the iconic shooter from 2004 takes forever to load in the demo video (skip to 1:50 to see the engine at work), but that may owe to the device chosen for the pre-alpha demonstration.

Hell is older handsets

At risk of stating the obvious, the nearly two-year-old HTC Desire HD in the video has nowhere near the processing power of, say, the Galaxy S III or Nexus 7 so hopefully the game will be a bit snappier on more modern hardware.

Still and all, the video is a promising glimpse of what may come from this port...although we'd be surprised if it manages to get past Zenimax's lawyers once it's complete.

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