Action RPG Divine Space turns to Kickstarter for funding

Divine indeed

Action RPG Divine Space turns to Kickstarter for funding
| Divine Space

While the iPad is certainly not hurting for games in the space exploration genre, the recently announced Divine Space hopes that it can carve out a chunk of the solar system for itself.

In order to do this, and distinguish itself from similar games on the app store, the free to play Divine Space has based its maps and game mechanics on real world astronomical data.

Although details of the game's plot are still under wraps, the developers revealed that Divine Space will examine how humanity might evolve after establishing a US colonial base near the exoplanet Gliese 581 g.

Sailing the starry skies

In Divine Space, players will have the ability to choose their own paths. They can opt to be dishonourable space pirates and rob other ships of their hard-earned resources or they can peacefully gather their own materials and quest for ancient alien artifacts.

Divine Space also allows players to construct their own custom ships, building them for optimal exploration, combat, or resource-gathering purposes.

The Single Player version of Divine Space will launch initially for iPad, but an Android version is scheduled to follow. Dodo Games also hopes to develop an online multiplayer version of the game once the single player versions are completed.

Those interested in Divine Space can check out the trailer below, and then jet over to its Kickstarter project page for additional details.