Minimalist parody fighter Divekick due out this spring

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Minimalist parody fighter Divekick due out this spring
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It takes a great amount of love for fighting games to deconstruct them as completely as Divekick does.

Created by Shoryuken editor-in-chief Adam Heart, Divekick is a parody of traditional fighting games that distills them down to their purest components.

There are no joystick controls or button combos to worry about in Divekick. Instead, players have only two buttons to press: one to dive and one to kick.

Incidentally, Divekick only lets you play as two characters: one named Dive and the other… well, we trust you can figure that out.

Divekick 2: Divekicker

Despite its simple presentation and tongue-in-cheek nature, Divekick won a fair amount of fame for its surprising depth and minimalist gameplay.

This fame culminated in a Kickstarter campaign for a PC version of Divekick that reached its funding goal over the summer.

Yet despite this success, Heart canceled the Kickstarter campaign so that he could collaborate with Iron Galaxy Studios and bring Divekick to a wider audience of gamers.

The fruits of the collaboration should be available for the PS Vita, PC, and PS3 sometime this spring. While the new version will feature a full single-player campaign and GGPO-powered online support, Joystiq reports that it will likely not deviate from the two-button gameplay model.

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