Critter Crunch game is out for iPhone

One of mobile's best puzzlers hits the App Store

Critter Crunch game is out for iPhone

Critter Crunch is one of THE best puzzlers we've played on mobile phones, and the fact that it didn't sell millions of downloads is a downright disgrace. There. I've said it.

However, all's not lost. Developer Capybara Games has released it for the iPhone, with pumped-up visuals and a new touchscreen control method.

The game still sees you playing Biggs, a fat frog-like beastie who spends his time eating multi-coloured critters.

How? By launching his tongue up into the air, catching small ones, and feeding them to larger ones till they pop, showering him with tasty gems. David Attenborough never told us nature could be this surreal...

The iPhone version has four game modes - Adventure, Puzzle, Time Trial and Survival - with power-ups a-plenty, and beefed-up graphics and music.

Oh, and touchscreen controls, as we mentioned. You slide Biggs from side to side using your thumb, and tap him once to grab a critter, then again to spit them into a waiting mouth.

Critter Crunch's iPhone edition costs £5.99, and its product page is here. Trust me, it could be an essential buy, whether you've played the original or not.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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