E3 2009: Dexter's dark passenger revealed

No blood

E3 2009: Dexter's dark passenger revealed

When we say "no blood", it's not so much an indication that the iPhone adaptation of Dexter is gore-less as an allusion toward the trigger that first drew the murderous vigilante to the Ice Truck Killer.

However, Destructoid was taken into a dark and quiet room at E3 and got its hands on the scalpel, and it seems the episodic anti-adventure game does focus more on the crime solving than actually taking part in the satisfaction of the kill.

We'd wondered for some time how a Dexter game might sneak its way past Apple's approvals policy, so focusing more on the police work is probably no bad thing.

And, to be fair, as much as the murder 'money shots' are one of the most alluring aspects of Dexter's life, the story is focused around his cat and mouse game with his... well, with the Ice Truck Killer (don't want to spoil it for anyone who's not travelled with the Dark Passenger), so that's what the game should centre on.

Michael C. Hall lends his voice to the game's narration, and graphically we're promised a PSP-quality treat bolstered by the kind of super-sleuthing seen in the DS's Phoenix Wright, with the evidence collecting and case building that goes along with the police work camouflage Dexter so cunningly employs.

Although no prices have been discussed, it sounds as though the episodic game won't necessarily come with free updates. With a total of 20 hours gameplay spread across four episodes, we can forgive this pretty easily so long as each individual game isn't too pricey.

And if - by some cruel and unlikely miracle - Dexter turns out to be a duffer, at least it'll cost less to find out by just paying for the first instalment.

But judging by the new handful of screenshots, we've got very high expectations for Dexter, so stay close for more news on the Dark Passenger as we darkly dream it up.