How to crack the case: the complete walkthrough for Detective Grimoire on iOS and Android

The detective's guide

How to crack the case: the complete walkthrough for Detective Grimoire on iOS and Android
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iOS and Android game Detective Grimoire will truly make you feel like a detective. You'll have to play attention, chase leads, use intuition and find the truth.

Which is great fun, but it can also make it very difficult if you can't figure out what you need to do. So, if you get stuck, this is the guide for you.

We'll only give you the bare essentials to finish the game. You'll solve the mystery, but you won't get all the hints, clue details, and suspicious facts about your suspects.

We'll leave that up to you. Instead, here's exactly what you need to crack the case.

Detective Grimoire

Hit the walk button in the bottom right corner to reveal an arrow on the dock. Tap it to be taken to the next location.

Tap on the little girl to talk to her. She'll give you a handy map, which you can use to immediately bounce between areas of the swamp.

Walk forward into Boggy's Bog.

Detective Grimoire

Solve this simple puzzle by moving one of the latches to the red circles at the bottom of the screen. You will need to move both or the chain will become too taut to move.

Detective Grimoire

You'll come across your first deduction. Grimoire says "Boggy's Bog? Seems like the middle of nowhere…"

Answer "The Swamp" + "is far too remote for" + "the tourist attraction" + "to make any money". Hit confirm.

Detective Grimoire

At the crossroad, walk left. Continue on left past the protest and clearing screens, until you get to the outside of Remington's office.

Look at the chalk outline of Remington's body. Try to get in the office to be told that you need a key. Then tap on the bubbling swamp water next to the bridge.

Detective Grimoire

Tap vine three to retrieve the lockpick.

Detective Grimoire

Back outside the office, look at the reeds at the end of the footprint trail. Move the weeds and reeds out of the way to find the pair of green flippers.

Detective Grimoire

Retrace your steps back to the clearing. Talk to the camera man, Bobby Burle. Ask about his job. Ask about last night.

Now talk to the director, Vincent Van De Peer.

Detective Grimoire

Grimoire will ask himself "Can anyone just walk in here and start filming?"

Answer "Vincent Van De Peer" + "only recently got permission from" + "Richard Remington" + "to film here in the swamp".

Detective Grimoire

Talk to Van De Peer again. Ask about his job. Then ask about what he was doing last night. You'll get the film footage.

Grimoire will ask himself "Is there something I should ask the cameraman?"

Answer "Vincent Van De Peer" + "told me that" + "Bobby Burle" + "was no where to be found last night".

Detective Grimoire

Talk to Van De Peer about his challenge subject. Respond to his question with the follow answer:

"Remington has denied you the filming permission in the past".

Drag the bag of money onto Grimoire's notebook. This will complete Van De Peer's challenge. One down, six to go!

Detective Grimoire

Talk to Burle, the cameraman, again. This time, talk about his challenge topic. Use these answers:

"You left it with Van De Peer, and he used it instead".

"Van De Peer said you had a hobby on the side".

Rub your finger over the photograph to use the developing fluid and reveal the image of Boggy. The B&W photo will now be in your evidence.

Detective Grimoire

Go right, to the museum path. Go in. You'll need to solve this simple puzzle.

Move the middle lock up. Then move the bottom lock all the way to the right. Move the middle lock down. Move the upper lock to the right. Finally, move the middle lock up and left.

Detective Grimoire

Inside the museum, first look at the journal to put the explorer's journal into your evidence. Then look at the small plaque beneath the journal.

Detective Grimoire

Look at the glass display cabinet on the left. Move the realistic claws into the Example A and Example B boxes, and move the obviously sewn up gloves into the centre area. You'll put them in your evidence.

Detective Grimoire

Talk to the museum visitor, Agent Folder. Ask about his job (you'll get Folder's file for your evidence).

Ask about late night. If you have the lock pick in your evidence, Grimoire will say "I need to ‘pick' my questions carefully". Respond with:

"The lock pick" +"I found near" + "Remington's body" + "might belong to Agent Folder".

(If you've already asked about late night, just present the lock pick to Folder by using the "Present a clue" button).

Detective Grimoire

Talk to Folder about his challenge topic. Present the lock pick. Then point to "Outside office" on the map.

Say "You already admitted to owning a lock pick and using it to open locked doors…"

Say "You lost your lock pick in the swamp and had to buy a new one…"

Detective Grimoire

Use the map screen to return to the protest area. Talk to the protesting man, Echo. Talk about his job. Talk about last night.

Detective Grimoire

Go back to the crossroads. Go right to find the gift shop. Look at the wagon.

Look at the baseball caps. Then tap on the big Boggy head-piece to get the head and the curtain piece for your clue collection.

Detective Grimoire

Talk to the girl. Talk about her job. Talk about last night to get Sally's black leggings.

Tap "present a profile" and talk to her about Echo.

Grimoire will say "There might be something I can ask Echo about…"

Say "Echo" + "spends less time holding" + "his protest sign" + "and more time in his tent".

Detective Grimoire

Return to the protest area and talk to Echo. Chat about his challenge topic. When it comes time to write an idea in your notebook, it doesn't matter what you choose.

Whatever you pick - be it ghosts, taxes, Boggy, or bad weather - you'll have completed Echo's challenge.

Detective Grimoire

Return to the gift shop, and go to the cafe. Look in the bin. Move the rubbish out of the way and take the costume designs for your evidence.

Detective Grimoire

Grimoire will ask himself "Are we really talking about a swamp creature here?"

Reply with "The costume design" + "I found in the trash can explain what" + "Burle's B&W photo" + "is showing me".

You'll now be able to ask people about the Boggy costume. Plus, the little girl will appear again - this time with a key for Remington's office.

Detective Grimoire

Talk to the chef, Harper. Ask about his job to get the Bog-Dog and the swamp juice.

Grimoire will ask himself "Did something strange happen at the cafe yesterday?"

Answer with "Richard Remington" + "left the cafe feeling ill after" + "Harper" + "sold him a Bog-Dog".

Detective Grimoire

Ask Harper about last night and the Boggy Costume. Then talk about his challenge topic.

Sprinkle the green poison on the Bog-Dog.

Choose the answer "The store room was broken into with a lock pick…"

Detective Grimoire

Walk up the bridge. Try to go into the strange house.

Place the gears onto the pegs, like this. Then turn the handle to unlock the door.

Detective Grimoire

Inside the tree house, talk to the woman, Weybridge. Ask about her job to get the flower book. Ask about last night. Ask about the Boggy costume.

Present Weybridge with the journal page from your evidence. Grimoire will say "I'm supposed to ‘look to the past', right?"

Answer with "Lady Weybridge" + "was living in the swamp when" + "the swamp creature" + "was discovered by the explorer 60 years ago".

Detective Grimoire

Talk to Weybridge about her challenge topic. Reply with:

"You were living in the swamp when the explorer visited 60 years ago".

"There's a page missing from the journal".

"I really have no idea. If I could see it, I might be able to make up my mind".

You'll get the missing journal page. Plus, turn it around to see the image of the footprints on the back.

Detective Grimoire

Return to the area outside Remington's office. Then tap on the door. You'll find this puzzle, with four keys and two keyholes.

I honestly have no idea how you're supposed to work out the solution. But I do know that the door unlocks if you put the green key in the top and the blue key in the bottom.

Detective Grimoire

Inside Remington's office, look at the hunting rifle on the floor to add it to evidence. Look at the photos above the fireplace.

You'll have to solve this simple jigsaw puzzle to get the image seen above.

Detective Grimoire

Look at the sharp metal poker that's hidden in the shadow behind the door. Grimoire will ask himself "Have I uncovered a secret in here?"

Answer with "The hunting rifle" + "is historical evidence that" + "Richard Remington" + "belonged to a secret society".

You'll enter chapter three, and will be able to ask people about Remington.

Detective Grimoire

Return to the tree house. You can present items that are dripping with green juice to find out what chemicals the liquid is made from. First, present the swamp juice.

Drag the liquid sample into the cauldron and then tap the, erm, tap. Next, drag the blue berries and yellow flowers into the cauldron and turn the faucet.

Do the exact same process with the black leggings and the fireplace poker.

Detective Grimoire

Grimoire will say to himself "There's something about that green slime".

The correct thought is "The fireplace poker" + "found at the crime scene and" + "the black leggings" + "are covered in the same swamp slime".

You'll now be able to talk to Sally, the gift shop girl, about her challenge topic.

Detective Grimoire

Talk to Sally about her challenge topic. Choose the following responses:

"Your black leggings were part of the murderer's costume"

"They're loose and stretched"

Sally will give you the final clue, a Boggy toy. Hold your finger on the toy to wind it up, and then release your finger.

There are a few people we need to talk to before we can crack this case wide open.

Talk to Folder about the Boggy costume, and then talk to every other character - Burle, Van De Peer, Echo, Sally, Weybridge, and Harper - about Remington.

When you're done, Grimoire will say "it's time to talk to Officer James".

Detective Grimoire

Return to the swamp dock and talk to Officer James. Here's everything you should say and present:

Say "I didn't find him".

Say "I don't need to".

Present the B&W photo.

Present the costume designs.

Present the missing page.

Present the fireplace poker.

Present the swamp juice.

Say "To make sure Remington got ill and had to return to his office".

Detective Grimoire

Put the sound descriptions in the following order:

"Culprit opens Remington's office door" "Remington cries out in shock as Boggy appears" "Remington fires his hunting rifle at the culprit" "Culprit grabs the metal poker and stabs Remington" "Remington cries out in shock and falls backwards" "Remington rips off some curtain fabric as he falls" "Remington lands on the planks outside his office" "Culprit drops the metal poker in the office"

Present the head piece to Officer James.

Drag the flippers to the feet, the gloves to the hands, the leggings to the legs, and the head piece to the head. You'll notice that the body piece is missing.

Present the protest area.

Detective Grimoire

Grimoire will say "Not unless… you're in on the secret".

Finish his thought by saying "The hunting photo" + "leads me to believe" + "Richard Remington" + "was here to hunt Boggy".

You can answer whatever you like for the final questions.

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