Free-to-play location-based RPG Destiny of Spirits is coming to the Vita this month

Spiritually fulfilling

Free-to-play location-based RPG Destiny of Spirits is coming to the Vita this month

If you're a fan of collecting spirits from around the world with your Sony handheld, we've got some good news for you and your very specific interests.

JapanStudio's location-based F2P RPG battler Destiny of Spirits is coming to the Vita in North America on March 25 and will make its way to Europe one day later.

Similar in ways to the 3DS's StreetPass games, Destiny of Spirits rewards you for linking up with players from around the world. Unlike the StreetPass games, there's a firm location component to it.

Where you play Destiny of Spirits determines what sorts of spirits you can collect. Those playing in America can recruit spirits drawn from Native American mythology and wild west lore while those in Japan can recruit traditional Yokai spirits, for example.

So if you fancy a minotaur, you better be playing in Europe.

Destiny of Spirits offers a few new enhancements over its beta version.

Loads times have been reduced and gameplay speed has been enhanced, and it also features an increased number of spirit slots which lets you collect a greater variety of spirits.

Unfortunately, whether your pronounce it bay-ta or bee-ta, there's bad news regarding the progress you made in the beta - save data won't carry over to the full version of the game.

This is an opportunity to start fresh, however, and it won't cost you anything to play, so it might be worth checking out Destiny of Spirits when it launches in your region.

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