Get social with new location-based RPG Destiny of Spirits for PS Vita

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Get social with new location-based RPG Destiny of Spirits for PS Vita
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As we suspected, Sony Japan and Q Entertainment's free spirit battler RPG Destiny of Spirits has just gone live on the PS Vita Store.

In this one, you collect and summon Spirits to do strategic fantasy battle for you.

And because it's a location-based game, different Spirits will be available to you depending on where you are in the world.

The development team wants to foster a sense of community and get you making friends across the globe. To that end, you can trade and rent Spirits from friends in distant locations, thereby diversifying your arsenal of ghostly warriors.

"Chaos Spirits" are the threats you'll be facing on a daily basis, though. These are multiplayer events in which an evil spirit will lay claim to an area on earth, visible on the global map interface.

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You'll collaborate with your in-game friends to take down these Spirits, earning Summoning Stones for each successful battle. These Stones will allow you to summon more Spirits next time you battle.

By logging in daily, you - unsurprisingly enough - receive a login bonus. This can include increasing your chances of finding a rare Spirit.

Destiny of Spirits is a freemium experience, so you're going to have to pay up for Destiny Orbs eventually. Destiny Orbs enable you to perform more powerful actions, such as "Advanced Summon" or healing a Spirit.

One rather exciting feature is the ability to use Spirits based on popular PlayStation characters. Knack Spirits are available right now for a limited time, for example, with other famous characters available soon.

Destiny of Spirits will be available to PS Vita owners just as soon as they update the PS Store.

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