E3 2013: Destiny of Spirits is a sweet-looking free-to-play strategy RPG for Vita

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E3 2013: Destiny of Spirits is a sweet-looking free-to-play strategy RPG for Vita

Over at E3, Sony has been detailing the future of the Vita. Unsurprisingly enough.

Amid all the hubbub about streaming PS3 titles via Gaikai and Flower, Dead Nation, and DLC for The Walking Dead, though, an interesting little project might have gone unnoticed in your household.

Entitled Destiny of Spirits, this 'wee' beauty is a free-to-play social RPG in which you are rewarded for daily play and for owning a Vita in the first place.

To explain that latter point, Destiny of Spirits's development team (comprising Q Entertainment and Sony Japan) has made use of a few of the Vita's features that we sometimes forget about.

In the game itself, you control a party of powerful Spirits who are tasked with stopping some evil Spirits from taking over the world. You can swap and trade your spirits with friends from around the world to increase your firepower, too.

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Some Spirits are only available in certain regions of the world, so you'll need to make friends with people in Japan and the US if you want to complete your set.

Furthermore, you can only unlock certain other Spirits by travelling around with your Vita.

All of this is powered by the "Destiny Engine", which generates a new fate for you every day. These might be strengths or weaknesses, or changes to your chances of finding rare Spirits while you're out and about.

We don't have a concrete release date yet for Destiny of Spirits, but the game should be available to download later in the year.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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