How to defeat the Behemoths: Death Dome hints, tips, and tricks

One fell swoop

How to defeat the Behemoths: Death Dome hints, tips, and tricks
| Death Dome

Developer Griptonite Games and famed free-to-play publisher Glu have teamed up to release an Infinity Blade-esque third-person brawler called Death Dome.

Death Dome takes place in a violent virus-ravaged city known as Palamira. Large beasts called Behemoths have taken over the streets, and a bio-dome force field has been set up to quarantine the entire area.

"They" - the anonymous city authorities - will never remove the quarantine while the Behemoths draw breath. It's time for you to step up to the plate. It's time to get nasty.

What you're about to read is a guide to kicking Behemoth backside. Read it, memorise it, use it, and you should be fine. Don't, and, well, you're on your own.

The basics

Just like in Infinity Blade, you unleash attacks in Death Dome by performing a slashing motion on your device's screen in the direction you'd like your weapon to travel.

You can block attacks by tapping the on-screen shield icon. Your shield's strength will deplete slowly as it takes the brunt of your opponents' hits, and will eventually become useless.

Keep an eye on it, in other words.

When your shield does give out, you'll be forced to rely on dodges and parries - pulling off the former is easier than executing the latter. In fact, all you have to do to dodge your enemy successfully is tap the on-screen arrows that are displayed to the left and right of your character.

Parries are hard to pull off and require precise timing, but they're also incredibly effective. Execute a slashing motion on your device's screen in the direction of an incoming attack to unleash one.

Battle hard

Blocking with your shield is a viable tactic for surviving a sticky situation. If you can perfect dodging and parrying, though, you won't need to use your shield at all.

So, why would you want to do that, then?

Well, the cheap shield you begin the game with can only withstand a few hits before it crumbles. Basically, if you don't plan on using your shield, you won't have to purchase a better one, which will leave you with more Skulls - the game's premium currency - for weapons and other items.

If you're really, really exceptional at parrying and dodging (as well as a little bit brave), you can also forget about purchasing stronger armour. You risky bugger.

In-app purchases

There are two different forms of currency in Death Dome: Skulls and Diamonds. The latter are incredibly rare and only available in small quantities.

Skulls, which you can pick up in large numbers as you defeat foes, on the other hand, can be spent on weapons, shields, charms, and armour.

With Diamonds, you can also buy offensive and defensive equipment. Items bought with this premium currency, though, are more powerful, and often boast elemental add-ons.

Naturally, you can stock up on the abovementioned currencies through in-app purchases, in packs that start from £1.49 / $1.99.

If you do decide to drop some real-world cash on Death Dome, we suggest you purchase Diamonds. Then, we suggest that you use said diamonds to acquire one (or both) of the following items: Skull Doubler and XP Doubler.

Special items

If you really love Death Dome and you know you're going to put some serious time and effort into it, it may be worth investing in some special items.

As mentioned above, we highly recommend the Skull Doubler, which will set you back 30 Diamonds; and the XP Doubler, which costs 25 Diamonds. You can buy a pack of 110 Diamonds for £2.99 / $4.99, which will allow you to grab both.

In case you haven't already guessed, both of the abovementioned items double the amount of Skulls and XP you earn as you play. Basically, you'll level-up a lot quicker, and also have more spare cash lying around to spend on weaponry.

You can buy packs of revives (which - funnily enough - revive you when you die) with them if you'd prefer, but we think it's a bit of a waste. With a little practice, you'll be dispatching enemies before they even have a chance to bully you into submission.

Tip jar

- Be sure to scavenge every time you're given the opportunity to, for you'll often unearth Diamonds and other useful goodies.

- During bouts, keep your eyes peeled for pulsating red circles on your opponents' torso. Tap these circles to disrupt your foes' attacks.

- Don't forget to utilise your Flux. Unleash it if you're in a spot of bother and your opponent will be frozen, allowing you to counterattack.

- If the enemy you're battling is vulnerable to fire, be sure to use a weapon that's infused with the element of fire. It sounds obvious, but it's easily overlooked.