Dead End is an old-school grindhouse racer full of zombie splatter

Get some guts

Dead End is an old-school grindhouse racer full of zombie splatter

Dead End combines old-school arcade racing games with the splatter of grindhouse movies. Oh, and with some dirty red-and-white art.

The idea here is that you drive along a long stretch of road, running over zombies for cash, and avoiding holes and spike traps.

There's a problem, though: by splatting zombies with your car, their guts are smeared all over your windscreen.

Given that fact and that zombies are pounding your bonnet, you will eventually crash and burn. We can promise you that.

But that's all part of Dead End's engaging loop. You see, you can then take your cash to the garage to upgrade parts of your car. You could improve the steering, get windscreen wipers, and maybe a boost.

Next time, you'll get a little farther along the road and earn even more cash. And so it continues.

You'll also have choppers shooting at you, other cars to race against, and huge piles of zombies to run through farther down the course.

While Dead End is free, you can only upgrade your car so many times before you have to unlock the full game. By that time, you'll probably want to.

You can purchase the full version of the game (for £1.49 / $1.99) inside the free version of the game. You can download Dead End for free for iOS [download], Android [download], and Windows Phone [download].

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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