Dead Cells, the acclaimed Metroidvania roguelike, is available now for Android

Following the launch for iOS last August

Dead Cells, the acclaimed Metroidvania roguelike, is available now for Android

After first launching on iOS last August, Motion Twin's acclaimed roguelike Dead Cells is now available for Android. That means Android users will finally be able to play one of the best roguelikes to be released over the last few years on their mobile phone.

The port has been handled by Playdigious who also did the iOS version of Dead Cells. They clearly spent a lot of time deciding how to make the game work for mobile and have given players a good degree of customisation when it comes to choosing how to play.

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For starters, there are two different touch screen options available to choose from. Original, which as you've probably guessed is based on the PC and console version of the game but with virtual buttons to attack and move. The other is Auto-Hit which attacks automatically and leaves you having to only concern yourself with movement.

Beyond that, there are also various customisation options available with the on-screen controls. For instance, players can change both the size and the position of the virtual buttons to tailor them to their preferences. If you want no touch screen controls whatsoever - even with all that customisation - you can also use an external controller if you'd like.

We didn't manage to review the iOS port at the time to find out how it matched up to the PC and console versions of the game. However, we did get the game into the hands of our App Army, who were delighted with the quality of the port.

Dead Cells is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium title that currently costs $8.99, however, that's a temporary discount of 10%, the usual price is $9.99.

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