Dead Cells is selling way better on the Switch than the PS4

Chopping up monsters is better on the go

Dead Cells is selling way better on the Switch than the PS4
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The excellent Metroidvania game, Dead Cells, has been doing pretty well for itself receiving critical and commercial success. Although interestingly, the game has been doing so much better on the Switch compared to the PS4. According to Destructoid, the Switch version has been selling more by a whopping factor of four to one.

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That's an awful lot of copies especially when you consider that 76 million PS4 consoles have been sold all over the world, compared to the Switch's 20 million. Moreover, in the UK the Switch version is ever so slightly more expensive being £22.49/$24.99, while the PS4 version is £19.99/$24.99 (sorry America nothing is cheaper for you).

Perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise because of the Switch versatility. For some folks, the option of playing the game on the go will sway them to getting that version over the PS4 one. Plus, the game's structure lends itself well to being on a handheld console, it's easy to play one or two levels in quick bursts.

Dead Cells is a really great game on whatever console you're playing it on, we loved it so much we gave it a gold award in our review when it was released. And although there have been some complaints about the Switch's performance, the devs at Motion Twin have said that they're currently working on an update to fix all that.

You can grab Dead Cells for the Switch digitally for £22.49/$24.99, but it is also available as a physical cartridge from any good games retailer.