Dead Cells' content roadmap for iOS and Android has been revealed

Legacy Update to land this fall

Dead Cells' content roadmap for iOS and Android has been revealed
| Dead Cells

Dead Cells has to be among the very best roguelikes on mobile. Boasting fast-paced, satisfying combat, a giant and mysterious world to traverse, and an exceptional level of polish, Playdigious' port of Motion Twin's critically acclaimed hit is a hard-as-nails must-play.

Now, we have a much clearer idea of when to expect the game's expansions to arrive on iOS and Android thanks to a handy roadmap released earlier today.

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First off, the Legacy Update is expected to land this fall. This brings the mobile ports up to version 1.6, which means that you can soon expect to see new enemies, bosses, weapons, mutations, skills, biomes, and more.

The Bad Seed DLC is a paid expansion currently expected to arrive in early 2021. This will add a host of fresh challenges and an updated arsenal of weapons to try out on any foes unlucky enough to cross your path.

Another update will follow in summer of 2021, though precise details on what it will include are non-existent. Beyond that, both custom runs and skins are under consideration for future content drops.

In his review of Dead Cells' Switch port, Jon called the game "a masterful roguelike platformer with some of the most satisfying combat around and a beguilingly appealing dark-fantasy world to explore." The mobile port is similarly excellent and comes with a number of touchscreen-friendly options, including an auto-attack mode.

It's an easy recommendation if you're an action game fan or enjoy the odd metroidvania. You'll find Dead Cells available for purchase now as a premium game priced at $8.99 over on the App Store and Google Play.

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