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Dead by Daylight Mobile enters pre-registration - here’s what to expect ahead of its relaunch

Dead by Daylight Mobile enters pre-registration - here’s what to expect ahead of its relaunch

Released in 2020, Dead by Daylight Mobile is the on-the-go version of Behaviour Interactive’s hugely popular multiplayer horror game available for PC & Consoles. And whilst the original version is continuing to enjoy immense popularity, and recently rolled out its Year 7 Roadmap, the mobile port is set to usher in its biggest update so far.

To date, Dead by Daylight Mobile has received close to 30 million downloads worldwide which, for a game that’s 17+ and belongs to a niche genre, is quite a staggering number; so it’s a testament to the devs that, rather than resting on their achievements, they’ve opted to instead relaunch the game on March 15th with a host of gameplay enhancements to deliver the best possible experience for its fans. Here’s what they have in store.

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Player communication

Besides the bug-fixes and quality-of-life updates intended to improve overall gameplay quality, NetEase has made a point of addressing fan feedback and will introduce some long-wished for features that have been absent from the game so far. One of the most significant of these is player communication. For the very first time, players will have a suite of social features at their disposal, including a pre-game lobby where Survivors can chat with each other and where Killers can make last-minute changes before the Trial begins. Players will also be able to chat in both private and global channels, as well as in an in-game after Trial lobby.

Improved graphics

A fresh set of graphical improvements also promises to address the criticism of the previous mobile incarnation’s drab visuals. These will include adding new textures and introducing physical effects for things like hair and cloth. New cosmetics for fan favourite characters will also be introduced, along with never before seen “Memento Mori” animations for Killers that come as part of a brand new Platinum Tier. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that these new cosmetic upgrades will capture some of the raw, visceral charm that bleeds through the PC & Console version visuals and that has been sorely missed in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

The Rift

For the first time, Dead by Daylight Mobile will introduce The Rift; a season pass (lasting for two months) that comes with numerous unique cosmetics and allows players to earn free rewards, such as character customisation items and in-game currencies. Those who continue their journey beyond Rank 1 can rise up the rankings and earn up to 100 Emblems whilst also earning a bit of fame by securing a spot on the leaderboards.

Speaking of rewards…

Fans that pre-register for Dead by Daylight Mobile will have the chance of being entered into a draw to receive one of three Dead by Daylight statues (? scale statues based on The Spirit, The Trapper, and The Wraith) as well as take part in a community event where exclusive in-game items will be up for grabs. In-game gifts are guaranteed for all registrants, but an exclusive Feng Min Outfit can also be earned by completing a set of special tasks.

Sadako Rising collaboration

Once the new version drops on March 15th, players will be treated to a special Sadako Rising collaboration event, which is set to run until March 28th. Sadako, which you might know better as the “ghost girl” inspired by Koji Suzuki’s novel Ringu and the original film adaptation, will take her natural place as a playable Killer in the game and will come with the unique skill of teleporting to different locations via televisions spread throughout the map. As part of the collaboration, players will also be invited to take part in an exclusive time limited event where a number of special rewards and in-game items will be available.

For more information about Dead by Daylight Mobile’s relaunch, including details of the prizes that await for pre-registration, be sure to check out the game’s official website. You can also pre-register right now via the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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