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Dead by Daylight Mobile announces Sadako Rising crossover event on March 15

Dead by Daylight Mobile announces Sadako Rising crossover event on March 15

Dead by Daylight Mobile’s massive relaunch update, set for March 15th, will come with a horrifying treat for its fans in the form of a collaborative event entitled “Sadako Rising”.

Those unfamiliar with Sadako might know her better as Sadako Yamamura or - perhaps even more simply - the “ghost girl” inspired by K?ji Suzuki’s novel Ringu and the original film adaptation. This latest collaboration event will see characters and themes from the original Japanese version (Ringu) joining the asymmetrical horror game, with a new Survivor, Killer, and limited time event announced.

As you’ve probably guessed, Sadako will be joining Dead by Daylight Mobile as a new Killer, using her ghostly abilities to stealthily torment her victims. In a nice homage to the Ringu series, Sadako will also be able to teleport to different locations on the map through a series of televisions.

Joining Sadako will be another popular character from the Ringu series called Yoichi Asakawa. He’ll be available to play as a Survivor and, thanks to his unique set of perks that allow him to support injured allies, stun Killers, and increase Survivors’ movement speed, he will no doubt be an indispensable asset to his team. Both Sadako and Yoichi will come with Exclusive Cosmetics; the Sleeping Blossom Outfit, and the Paranormal Investigator Outfit, respectively. Besides making Sadako appear even scarier, her platinum Sleeping Blossom Outfit will also unlock a unique Memento Mori animation.

As part of the collaboration, players will also be invited to take part in a time-limited in-game event from March 15th until March 28th,where numerous Ringu-themed rewards, such as [Portrait] The Onry?, Portrait Frame: The Onry?, and Sadako Crossover Torso, await those who complete its tasks.

To learn more about the crossover event, and benefit from exclusive in-game rewards, fans can join the game's pre-registration, which has so far attracted over 1 million registrants. Pre-registration is available to join right now via the official website, iOS App Store, and Google Play Store.