Dawn of Survivors is a zombie-themed survival game, now soft-launched in the US and Canada on Android

Dawn of Survivors is a zombie-themed survival game, now soft-launched in the US and Canada on Android
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Dawn of Survivors is a strategic game where you try to survive till dawn either by escaping or collecting resources to fight against the zombies attacking the city. You can choose to play alone or alongside a team.

About the game

Dawn of Survivors involves a variety of plots and themes to keep you engaged throughout. It is a place where players from around the world accumulate to survive. It contains various maps like decaying cities and dark forests where you need to fight against the zombie hordes and desperate scavengers to survive.

You start from scratch where you need to collect food, build shelters, and explore your surroundings to collect as many resources as possible. You have to scout different locations such as abandoned labs, crash sites, and forbidden dark forests to find anything and everything that will come in handy for your survival.

Each zombie has unique abilities. So it will not be easy to fight against them. You will need a collection of weapons such as swords, automatic rifles and even traps to get through.

As mentioned previously, Dawn of Survivors offers different game modes such as Gambit Mode, Multiplayer Battle, Sandbox Mode and Tech Build.. Whether you want to go solo or with teammates, whether you want to take your time building or jump straight into the action, there seems to be a mode for everyone.

Dawn of Survivors soft-launched in select countries

Dawn of Survivors has just soft-launched in the United States and Canada. Players from these countries can now download the game on Android from Google Play. Sadly it's not out on iOS yet. There is no news about the global release either, but we will make sure to update you if we hear something.

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