Classic French PC RPG Darkstone is being reworked for tablets

Due for iOS and Android in June

Classic French PC RPG Darkstone is being reworked for tablets
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French developer Delphine's 1999 RPG Darkstone was clearly inspired by Diablo.

Still, with Blizzard not yet releasing games on tablets, maybe there's a gap in the market.

That's what publisher Anuman Interactive is hoping.

It's hooked up with original developer Paul Cuisset and studio Artefacts, with the remake scheduled for a June 2013 release.


The game will feature the original's more than 100 levels and four playable classes, while gaining a new touch-focused user interface, and remixed audio and music.

You can see the graphical differences between the new version (top screen) and the original (bottom screen) below.

"We are sure this new version of Darkstone will win mobile players' hearts, just as happened with PC players," said Anuman's publishing director Alain Milly.

"This new version is more accessible and the new interface allows action phases that are much more dynamic, thanks to the touch features of those devices."

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