Fight your way through a striking, silhouetted world in Dark Sword 2

Action-packed RPG set in a world of cyborgs

Fight your way through a striking, silhouetted world in Dark Sword 2
| Dark Sword 2

KEY MAKER's Dark Sword 2, an action-RPG where you fight your way through a world of cyber-enhanced enemies, is set to launch for iOS and Android on July 15th.

What drew me to this one, as is likely the case for most, was the game's striking, silhouetted art style. It just looks really quite cool in motion, with effects filling every corner of the screen and numbers pouring from the various cyborg enemies.

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You play as female cyborgs called Fatima. Each character, there are plenty, comes with their own unique skills and abilities to experiment with and learn when to use at the correct point in battle. Again, you'll need to get a bit tactical about making sure your deployed Fatima benefit from the compatibility rates buff.

You'll have the option to team up two other players to form a 3-member squad. Together, you'll make use of the game's strategic tag system to take on any challenge thrown your way.

Things can get a little tricky later on, so you'll need to keep an eye out for spare parts, items, and gears that can be used to upgrade your various Fatima. The equipment craft system is said to be simple and fast to use, with minimal faffing about in menus.

And there's seemingly a lot to sink your teeth into here, with over 100 missions to take on – all featuring unique cyber-enhanced enemies and bosses to disassemble with your favourite sword, gun, or rocket launcher.

Those will low-spec devices will also be able to give it a shot thanks to some smart optimisation, and the whole thing can be played entirely offline, which is always a big plus in my book.

Dark Sword 2 will be launching for both iOS and Android on July 15th. You can pre-register now ahead of the game's official launch on the App Store or Google Play.

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