New action RPG Dark Nemesis opens pre-registration

New action RPG Dark Nemesis opens pre-registration

Developer Nuverse has announced that its mobile MMORPG Dark Nemesis has opened pre-registration across the world. The pre-registration process will be staggered, with a Google Play release first and the App Store shortly after. Up until the game's launch on March 15th, 2022, Nuverse will be running a pre-registration incentive campaign, offering in-game rewards for anyone who does so before the game officially launches. In the meantime, Nuverse is also hosting a "lucky wheel" found on their website that includes real-world prizes as well as in-game rewards. All of these details and more can be found on the official website.

Dark Nemesis is a spiritual successor to Legacy of Discord, the company's previous game, that blended PvE elements with PvP and included the usual RPG elements of upgrading your characters, gear, and abilities to perform better in either version of the content. Dark Nemesis will allow players to control a "Peacekeeper", an elite group of warriors standing against the "Raven Church" and their oppression.

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It will take the formula of Legacy of Discord and enhance it, with new game modes such as the new Battle Royale mode that puts players in a massive PvP war that will only end when one player remains. If you're looking for a more cooperative experience, the PvP Battlegrounds mode will give team-based players a better approach, and allow guilds to engage in combat and scour dungeons for treasures and valuable resources that will allow you to level up companions and your own combat abilities.

The gameplay of Dark Nemesis is mostly hack-and-slash, with an immersive dark fantasy world that places a large emphasis on graphical fidelity. It will also feature large scale boss fights and expansive character and gear customization systems, alongside the previously mentioned PvP modes which seem to be a large focus as well. To participate in the pre-registration campaign, you can either visit the website here or simply hit the pre-register button on Google Play.

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