Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest pre-registration begins in select countries

The latest game from Nuverse is now available for pre-registration

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest pre-registration begins in select countries

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest is a 3D Action MMORPG developed for Android and iOS platforms that has now started entered its pre-registration phase in a few select countries.

About the game

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest is a brand new game that promises gamers an amazing dark fantasy adventure with stunning special effects, smooth controls, and a gripping storyline packed with adventure and combat. The makers have guaranteed players an unprecedented MMORPG combat experience. The game is developed by Nuverse, a Hong Kong-based game development studio. They are known for their popular games like Ragnarok X: Next generation, Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade, Arena of Evolution: RedTides, and Strike Royale.

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Game features

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest will see players becoming a member of the Peacekeepers, and embarking on unknown adventures following the trail of the crystal. Along the journey, they will meet friends with different personalities, fight together to resist decimation from dark forces, and complete the adventure. The game will be a visual extravaganza for players, including a multi-dimensional world with epic 3D visual effects, first-rate graphics, and 3D models to create an immersive dark fantasy world. Players will also be able to level up their characters and also upgrade them to acquire new skills. Abundant types of equipment and weapons can also be collected. Spirits will also be a part of the game as the player’s closest companions and most dangerous weapons.


Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest is currently available to pre-register for Android users in Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia.

Pre-registration rewards and Lucky wheel event

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest will provide players with pre-registration rewards once certain milestones are achieved, while a lucky wheel event involving exciting prizes is also scheduled. Players can keep track of updates of the pre-registration rewards and rules of the Lucky wheel event through the game's official website.

Final Words

Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest will provide a thrilling experience for players with its amazing MMORPG combat gameplay, an engaging game story, and with battles taking place in a splendid multi-dimensional world involving first-rate 3D Models, special effects, and many more surprises, gamers are promised to experience a visual spectacle.

Other notable features like character upgrades, multiple weapons and equipment options to choose from, and the ability to socialize with other players all result in a vast gaming experience. 

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