Daily mobile casual game and trivia entertainment service launches

Don't waste your Daily Downtime

Daily mobile casual game and trivia entertainment service launches
| Daily Downtime

Proving just how quickly the sudoku/brain training phenomenon has wormed its way into the daily activities of the population comes Daily Downtime, a free – well, ad-funded – mobile entertainment service.

The point of Daily Downtime is it will provide you with small time-killing nuggets of stimulation like games, trivia, jokes, horoscopes, a daily poll, etc, to enable you to fill up those minutes in between doing other things.

Game-like activities currently available on the beta service include simple entertainment such as shape-shifter Tangram, word games, mazes, part-crossword, part-anagram teaser Quotefall, plus the ever ubiquitous sudoku.

More complex games and competitive options such as leaderboards are planned as the complete service is rolled out. Most high and mid-range phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Samsung are supported.

As for the people behind Daily Downtime, they're hoping enough people will be able to deal with a five-second mobile ad (plus operator data charges) in order to get their hands on some mobile fun to make it a success.

You can check out more details and sign up at the Daily Downtime website.