Everything new in Daft Jump, the rhythm-based action platformer inspired by ‘80s music

Even harder, better, faster, and stronger

Everything new in Daft Jump, the rhythm-based action platformer inspired by ‘80s music

Complete with an appropriately pulsing synth soundtrack and a neon-drenched atmospheric art-style, Daft Jump was the kind of game any child of the ‘80s wouldn’t want to put down when it launched on mobile earlier this year. Dodging obstacles, jumping to the rhythm, and flipping yourself around the top and bottom of stages using gravity manipulation all made this quirky platformer a unique gameplay experience you don’t too often see.

Despite already winning Pocket Gamer’s own Big Indie Pitch award in 2017, and recently being featured in Google Play's Indie Corner section, Jordanian developer 3 Dot Games are showing no signs of slowing down, kicking things up a notch with the release of new characters and daily challenges as part of the game’s latest update. If you thought jumping to the beat in Daft Jump already proved to be a tall task, believe us when we say you’ve seen nothing yet.

Daft Jump’s new updates all centre around rewarding players who just can’t put their phone down when bopping to a level’s beat. Whereas the only incentive to replay the game’s 10 levels was a cool assortment of standard and animate unlockable characters, a new "Daily Challenge" will see those who have finished their collection receive coin bundle rewards when completed. “What are coin bundles?” we hear you ask. It’s simply a much quicker way of building-up coin currency throughout the week, exchangeable for even more unique characters whenever players finish a total of three in-game trials.

The daily challenges still consist of the same fast-paced levels you’re familiar with, only with new characters like Tramp, Obama, Rambo, Chuck Norris, and others up for grabs. If three challenges simply aren’t hardcore enough for players with a real neon axe to grind, rest comfortably knowing that Daft Jump also features a unique reward for those who complete five.

Simply put, finishing five challenges will see a crown bestowed on your block character’s head, capable of being worn over the course of a week. Such a glamourous and shiny new item will give you bragging rights when brushing up against other players online. Daft Jump’s multiplayer portion is at present still unreleased, but launching very soon, so get practicing.

Outside of this fresh content, Daft Jump is still the only game on Android that has you flip, dive, and dodge a slew of vibrant obstacles against neon-laden backdrops and synth soundscapes. The fast-paced madness the game has you engage in makes for a distinctively challenging platforming experience, just be sure to keep the cover on your phone or else you might throw it at the wall.

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