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If Sonic proved just one thing, it’s that any animal can be a video game hero. That said, this could be one of the first times an elk has appointed itself as Earth’s saviour.

But if you’re going to have a moose defending your home planet, it might as well be a robotically enhanced one.

Elks in black

You wear the antlers of an anthropomorphic elk agent, who’s out to investigate some strange radiation readings that suggest aliens are up to no good. Cyber Elk is very much a parody of Men in Black, with the sharp suit, dark shades, shiny guns, and surreal aliens providing much of its humour.

This is no bad thing, as the light comedy laced with rampant destruction makes for an easily accessible platformer with lots to do but not too much to think about.

Also, an elk is a suitably equipped animal for chasing down fancy aliens, so despite Cyber Elk being an off-the-shelf platformer the variety and extravagance of its environments means it never feels particularly stale.

There’s a moose loose

It’s not a platform game that relies on speed so much as careful navigation. The levels are designed for accurate running and jumping, with lots of moving platforms and hard to reach areas.

A good supply of robots and aliens litter the platforms for you to battle against, while a selection of weaponry (including bullets, grenades, lasers, and more) can be selected for dealing with the different types of enemies.

Admittedly, Cyber Elk doesn’t bring much of anything new to the table, but old skool platformers work beautifully on the mobile platform, and this one packs in just enough quality to make it easily enjoyable for fans of the genre.

It’s not going to keep you playing for a particularly long time, but it’s a great distraction while you’re waiting for rutting season to get going.

Cyber Elk

A quality, though off-the-shelf, platformer with a pocket full of good humour balancing out its more prosaic gameplay moments. A very pleasant distraction for the platformer fans, and you can never have too many elks running loose on your mobile
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