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Crossfire: Warzone's October update introduces new game mode, Capital Takeover War

There have also been improvements to in-game diplomacy and Secret Laboratory

Crossfire: Warzone's October update introduces  new game mode, Capital Takeover War

Joycity's Crossfire: Warzone has received a major update today that introduces a new game variant called Capital Takeover War that will increase PvP participation. Beyond that, there are also some changes to Secret Laboratory content and the in-game diplomatic system.

The Capital Takeover War then will take place in the middle of the field map on each server, so long as it's at least 90 days or older. This event will take place bi-weekly and will see allies battling it out to establish their dominance over their server.

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The winning alliance's leader will gain a special title that will last for two weeks and they'll be able to assign this title to six other members of their alliance. It's not just a fancy name though, it will also give the holder special buffs.

The alliance that emerges victorious will also collect taxes from the other alliances on the server. The amount will be determined by the resources that have been collected in their base. One the two-week stint has passed, a new Capital Takeover War will commence.

As mentioned, there will also be some improvements to the Secret Laboratory content. It will now have various difficulty settings to choose from whilst the units on each floor have been given a host of new and different characteristics.

Finally, the in-game diplomatic system has also seen some changes. Players will now be rewarded for eliminating terrorists and collecting resources within the alliance force system and alliance territory, resulting in extra bonuses.

Crossfire: Warzone is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.