Crimson Company, the popular Kickstarter-funded card game, is coming to iOS and Android this year

Reworked for on-the-go play

Crimson Company, the popular Kickstarter-funded card game, is coming to iOS and Android this year
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If you frequent Kickstarter in search of your next card game fix, you might well have spotted Crimson Company. The team originally asked for €1,000 to bring the project to life but ended up with over 32k – a crowdfunding success story if ever I've seen one.

The basic idea is that you'll face off against another player to take command of three castles. You'll assemble a ragtag army of mercenaries, merchants, and mythical creatures to claim what's yours and rule over the kingdom.

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The original card game was actually designed with a mobile adaptation in mind, meaning the team has only had to make a few core adjustments to optimise the experience for on-the-go play. The digital version will, however, have some extra features, including a tricky tournament mode.

Here, each player will select 15 cards, which will then be shuffled together. Both players will have to use this combined deck, hopefully offering up a unique challenge that pushes even the most battle-hardened of pros out of their comfort zone.

The digital version's rounds are also structured differently. When a player gets a card, they'll play it instantly, even if it's their opponent's turn, making matches more direct and fast-paced. Adding to the intensity is the timer for each turn. You won't have long to make your move, so it's a game of both skill and quick thinking.

Also unlike the physical version, there's a focus on collecting cards as you continue to progress. Worry not, though, as the team's primary goal is to keep the game balanced, fair, and devoid of pay-to-win annoyances. Instead, there are plans to implement in-game ads that can be turned off by making a one-time purchase.

If you'd like to learn more about Crimson Company, I'd advise you to make a quick trip to the game's original Kickstarter page or its official site. The mobile adaptation is planned to launch for iOS and Android in Q3 2020.

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