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Crimson Company app version enters early access alongside new Kickstarter campaign

The competitive card game is set to build on previous successful campaigns

Crimson Company app version enters early access alongside new Kickstarter campaign

Crimson Company continues on its mission to revolutionize the duelling card game genre by bringing fair and intense duels to players without the need to invest time or money to keep up with the latest meta. The iOS and Android apps are now officially in Early Access with no more progress resets to come, whilst a new Kickstarter campaign is also currently underway to fund a brand-new expansion and a cross-platform PC adaptation.

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If you’re unfamiliar, Crimson Company lets players compete in 20-minute duels, pitting fantastical mercenaries against each other in an effort to capture a majority of castles on the board. Additional game modes allow up to four players, as well as solo sessions. Each player assembles his or her army from a shared deck, and depends on strategic thinking to win. It’s a little akin to an updated take on Battle Line by board game pioneer, Reiner Knizia.

For those who enjoy playing board games on mobile, these new plans are especially exciting. Crimson Company’s developer is designing the app to offer a fairer and more skill-based experience than similar games – such as Hearthstone and Legend of Runeterra. The aim is to reduce the extent to which luck and match-ups influence who goes on to win and who winds up losing. Crimson Company’s players will begin on a level playing field, and rely mainly on strategy to outfox their opponents.

If you’d like to join the thousands of Crimson Company supporters on Kickstarter, and enjoy access to a whole host of rewards as a result, you can visit the dedicated page here. To find out more about this skill-based card game, pop over to the Crimson Company website.