Public surveillance sim Counter Terrorist Agency comes to iOS

Public surveillance sim Counter Terrorist Agency comes to iOS

Counter Terrorist Agency, a part simulation, part real-time strategy game, has launched on the App Store for iOS.

You play as a special intelligence officer whose job it is to track digital traces, listen, observe, and build a bigger picture from thousands of smaller pieces scattered between video recordings, phone calls, internet activity, and endless documents. The focus is on managing the spy organisation and preventing attacks across the globe using modern surveillance techniques.

You can infiltrate suspicious groups, eavesdrop on shady phone calls and read confidential documents to help uncover these threats, while keeping in mind that any wrong decision could cost hundreds of lives. Meanwhile, you’ll also be handling things on the homefront, managing your agents and keeping the reputation of the agency in a positive light. With great power comes great responsibility.

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There’s also a deep customisation system, in which you can upgrade your intel and strike units with experience points, allowing you to gain new useful abilities and become an even more effective force to respond to terrorist attacks. With this, you can let your agency grow and perform better in future operations.

So it’s not quite cruising around in a sharp tuxedo and sipping on a martini, but the game insists the adrenaline rush you experience when all pieces of information fall into place is incomparable with anything else.

Counter Terrorist Agency is being developed by Play2Chill, a game dev team involved in making games, music and software since digital media’s prehistory. It is published by Games Operators, which has also been responsible for the 911 Operator and Radio Commander games.

You can download Counter Terrorist Agency from the iOS App Store. It costs £4.99.

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