Cookie Run: Kingdom introduces two new units and some fresh in-game events with its latest update

Cookie Run: Kingdom introduces two new units and some fresh in-game events with its latest update

With the latest update, the popular gacha RPG Cookie Run: Kingdom will introduce two brand new cookies to roll for as well as a little bit of new content for players to indulge in. These two cookies will be the Golden Cheese Cookie as well as the Burnt Cheese Cookie, and they come with a new Special Episode and some in-game events running in tandem with their release too.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom has been a runaway success since it launched quite some time ago, seeing near-constant updates and events to take part in. This cookie-themed gacha RPG sees you build up your kingdom by constructing various structures which will then offer up different bonuses and passive buffs amongst many other things while also tackling different auto-battling scenarios too.

And to help you out with those auto-battle scenarios, these two new cookies will do excellent for you. Golden Cheese Cookie, the first of the two new ones, is an Ancient rarity Ranged Middle cookie who can do high AoE damage that can even break through damage resistance of enemies too using her Skill; Brilliance of the Absolute.

Burnt Cheese Cookie on the other hand is an Epic rarity Charge Front cookie who is more focused on supporting allies with his Skill Keeper of the Gates. This skill tethers a decent amount of AoE damage to foes, but then buffs himself and an ally Cookie with the highest ATK, tanking any damage they take and making them immune to any debuffs. Sounds quite strong to me!

As for the additional content, details are quite slim, but with a new Special Episode and two other in-game events running at the same time, it’s a guarantee we’ll have lots of new stuff to tackle. In the meantime, you can also keep an eye out on the official Twitter account for any upcoming details before the event begins. Give all this new stuff a go by downloading the game for free at either of the links below!

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