Noodlecake brings retro-platformer Commander Pixman to Android

'Game A Week Project' still going strong

Noodlecake brings retro-platformer Commander Pixman to Android

Retro-platformer Commander Pixman has just landed on Android, courtesy of Noodlecake's ongoing 'Game A Week Project'.

This blocky 2D title, which takes its visual cues from gaming's past 8-bit gems, involves guiding the jetpack-sporting Commander across a series of predictably hazardous levels.

Using a basic left / right / jump / fire control configuration, you must hop between platforms, steer clear of spikes, and blow some right-angled nasties into their component pixels.

Crossing platforms

The Silver Award-winning Commander Pixman is the latest App Store title Noodlecake has reworked for Android, after the dev revealed it had devised a method of getting iOS code to run natively on 'droid devices.

As part of the studio's Game A Week Project, previously iOS exclusives like Lunar Racer and Trainyard have been ported across to Google's mobile platform, with four more releases planned over the coming weeks.

Commander Pixman is available from Google Play for free now [download].
James Gilmour
James Gilmour
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