Android port of Lunar Racer takes pole position in Noodlecake's 'Game A Week Project'

iOS code running natively on Android?

Android port of Lunar Racer takes pole position in Noodlecake's 'Game A Week Project'
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Lunar Racer zoomed onto the Google Play Store today, marking the beginning of Noodlecake Games's ambitious 'Game A Week Project'.

Recognising the difficulty some developers experience when trying to port iOS games over to Android, the folks at Noodlecake decided to find their own way around the problem.

According to Noodlecake's marketing and business dev director Ryan Holowaty, his studio has found a novel way of bypassing many of the issues inherent in the porting process.

"Through our efforts over the past year, we have developed technology that allows us [to] run iOS code natively on Android devices," Holowaty explains.

"What that means for developers is there is no need to rewrite iOS code for the Android platform, it all runs automatically."

Cracking the code

The proof of this ingenious pudding comes in the form of the freshly ported Android version of Bronze Award-winning Lunar Racer, a space-themed 2D racing game which, until now, resided exclusively on Apple's App Store.

To prove they're not blowing smoke, the guys behind the newly formed "porting and publishing entity" Noodlecake have committed to releasing one iOS port onto the Google Play Store every week during the upcoming months.

Next on the list is Trainyard, Matt Rix's Silver Award-winning iOS puzzler, which will steam onto Android in around seven days' time.

You can find Lunar Racer on the Google Play Store for free right now [download].

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