Color Ball 3D cheats, tips - What you need to clear every level

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Color Ball 3D cheats, tips - What you need to clear every level

Everything you need to know about Color Ball 3D

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You need a brand new game to play? Well we have a suggestion. If you've enjoyed the cheap thrills of Hole.io, or are enticed by Donut County, it's time to jump into Color Ball 3D.

Color Ball 3D is a stage based game where you move through and tactfully vacuum objects into your dark void.

There's a bunch of levels, although not as many as we would like. We've played through them all, and we've got the tips you need to get through every single level, even the tricky ones with fail blocks stacked on what you need.

What is this game?

Color Ball 3D

That is a very good question. In short it's a variation on Hole.io or Donut County, where you glide a black hole around a world and suck up pretty much everything.

But Color Ball 3D has slightly stricter rules in place. Here you need to collect white items, while completely avoiding other coloured objects in the level.

It sounds easy at first, and for the most part, it is easy, but there are a few tricky levels to get around.

In particular, there are a handful of levels which place coloured fail blocks in awkward places, such as on top of many other pieces. These should really be the only stages you struggle against.

All you need to do in a stage is vacuum up all of the white objects, which will react to your play with fairly realistic physics.

The shape and size of the objects will change how you approach them. Longer objects, for example, will have to be absorbed one side at a time.

Spherical objects are quite easy though, and will just slide into your black hole. Blocks are fairly simple too, especially the smaller ones.

A simple tip is to quickly speed under towered objects to prevent the stack from falling over, and instead have it fall straight down. Works nicely in many situations.

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Black hole sun

The physics of your black hole suck up anything with reckless abandon, but it's not just bottomless, it has it's own gravity.

If you go close to blocks, especially orbs, you will see them move slightly as you approach or brush past them. The gravity of your black hole isn't powerful, but it works.

You can use this gravity to scoop objects away from the failure objects, just make sure not to brush too close to a fail state.

The flick

If a fail block is stacked on top of white objects - which happens a few times - you'll need to knock it off. Thus, the flick.

Flick your black hole under the stack, and then remove it just as quickly. This should cause the stack to topple, and hopefully, leave the fail block far away.

It can cause the fail block to get caught under others though. In which case, well, try again.

And repeat

The big problem with Color Ball 3D is that it basically has very, very few stages. You will easily clear through them all in a single sitting.

They're not that difficult either. We can hope for more to come, but I am not holding my breath.

Give it a shot, play through it, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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