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Coin Universe: How to play NT Games' adorable slot spinning game

Coin Universe: How to play NT Games' adorable slot spinning game

Planet Earth’s resources have been depleted, and it’s up to you to embark on an epic quest to explore the universe for a new place to call home. While picking the planet that has the most supplies is of the utmost importance, something else takes priority when it comes to invading a new planet in Coin Universe - its cuteness factor.

NT Games’ slot-spinning coin-collecting title lets you raid planets shaped like a kitty playing with a ball of yarn, or a planet molded like a corgi’s fluffy butt. It isn't just the planets that are cute either. Besides spending the coins you earn on items and upgrades, you can also purchase a collection of adorable characters.

Getting started with Coin Universe

Spinning slots lets you earn coins that you can use to upgrade planets that you discover. The more you explore, the more alien buddies you can meet, who can help manage your planets for you. Plus, as long as you keep upgrading your planets, you’ll get rewarded with various treasures like special Cards with extra Spins and additional coins.

All about minions

Minions are indispensable in Coin Universe, as they help you out with a bunch of tasks depending on their level. After hatching your minion eggs from pots, it’s important to give them lots of TLC - you can give them XP Potions to boost their levels, as well as feed them with Minion Treats from the shop to keep them awake. If your minions are happy and healthy, they can perform more tasks for you!

It’s not all sunshine and butterflies

Obviously, you’ll want to collect as many coins as you can, but spinning slots isn’t the only way to do that. You can also be a little mischievous by wreaking havoc on other players! You can nab coin rewards by looting other players’ planets on awesome raids, but once you do, they can fight back and raid your planets too. To protect your little babies, you can spend coins and spin slots for some useful attack and defense items to add to your arsenal.

The road to becoming the Planet Master

If you’re feeling lucky, you can place bets to multiply the rewards that you earn from spins. With a Super Bet, you can boost your chances of scoring tons of prizes - the more spins you have, the higher you can bet.

You can also collect Cards from events and raids to complete themed collections, as well as trade cards with friends over Facebook Messenger. If you have more than one card in your inventory, you can send cards to friends that you invite over Facebook to spice up your gameplay experience.

Coin Universe regularly holds events that give away tons of free coins and free spins - for instance, players who pre-register for the game on Android and iOS will get 100 free spins once the game officially launches later this year! It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases, and in the meantime, you can check out the official website to know more about the game.