How to set up a tournament in Clash Royale

If you think you're hard enough

How to set up a tournament in Clash Royale
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As a superfan of Clash Royale, you're probably aware that tournaments have just been added as part of today's update.

It's super easy to set up one of these, but we're here to make it even easier with this guide to setting up a tournament.

Well, we can't help you with the 500 gem cost of entry - you're on your own there. Sorry.

Gem Up

The chances are you're already familiar with this process if you've got to level 8. But if you need to buy gems and haven't done so yet, don’t worry - it's super easy.

Just go to the shop screen by picking the treasure chest in the bottom left of the main screen. Then scroll down past the cards and chests to the gem options and select the apposite option.


Now head back to tournament mode screen and this time select the small icon in the top left of the screen to create a new game.

You'll be presented with a brand new menu offering all the shiny menus, sliders, and tools needed to set up your own spanking new tournament.

The Name of the Game

Add your name and a short description (the latter isn't essential but it gives a little colour) and then decide if you want to be password protected or not.

This latter option is ideal for limiting to friends or setting up private tournaments.

How Long… will this be going on?

The next major decision is how big and long you want the tournament to be. ?You can set the size of the prize by deciding on the chest on offer at the base of the screen (from 500 gems to 2000), how long you want it to last (from one hour of games up to 3 days), and how much prep time you want to allow for the lobby to fill up.

At the moment 15 minutes is more than enough (heck 15 seconds would probably do it) but you can go up to 2 hours.??

Come and have a go… if you think you’re hard enough!?

Once you've set up the tournament, just sit back and wait for the game lobby to fill up.

Whilst you're waiting for the timer to click down to launch, it might be a good idea to browse through the list of opponents and take a look at their stats, preferred decks, and all the usual stuff you can see by tapping a player's name.

Battle Royale

As soon as the tournament starts, you can launch your first match by pressing the reassuring 'Battle' button.? This is pretty much like every regular Clash Royale game, but with a few small tweaks.?

First off, you need to wait for someone else to match with you. This can take a while as there's a smaller pool of players.

The game format is also slightly different in that the overtime has been increased from 1 minute to a massive 3 minutes, so no draws here (or at least far fewer).

To the victor the spoils

Now it's up to you to keep on battling for all you're worth and rise up the ranks to secure that prize-winning slot.

When the time runs out, the winners are declared and the prizes awarded!

Congratulations or commiserations are doled out and you can take a deserved breather, for about five minutes off before you start the whole thing again!?

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