CID the Dummy crashes onto PSP and DS

He's a crash test dummy with a heart

CID the Dummy crashes onto PSP and DS
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You might think of crash test dummies as big floppy replica people with no feelings. Er, because they are. But imagine a dummy who is given emotions so that he can go off and save the dummy daughter of his creator (it's a complex story).

All of a sudden it seems a bit cruel to go smashing the poor sod through car windscreens, but sadly this is the fate of CID, the character in a new game called CID the Dummy.

The game's been announced by Oxygen Interactive and is coming to PSP and DS (as well as PS2, Wii and PC). It's primarily a platform game with CID able to climb, swing, bounce and even headbutt his way through and past a whole range of obstacles. The game's environments promise to be highly interactive, so smashing through walls and burning down barrels are just some of CID's skills.

Bizarrely, he also comes armed with a bazooka. One which can fire freeze, flame or rubber bullets, depending on the enemy you're trying to take down.

Unfortunately, being on a mission to save a beautiful crash test dummy lady doesn't excuse him from his day job, so CID must also take part in various Crash Test levels. One of which has you driving a super-modded vintage Italian car at top speed through solid walls for extra bonuses (which, for a crash test dummy, is probably the equivalent of going into work and being told you have to give a presentation to the bosses).

First screenshots of the PSP version in action are above and the game is down for a 'second quarter of 2008' release date.

Kath Brice
Kath Brice
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