Classic Japanese RPG Chrono Trigger out next month on iPhone

It’s about time

Classic Japanese RPG Chrono Trigger out next month on iPhone
| Chrono Trigger

It’s been a while since Square Enix announced that Chrono Trigger would be heading to iPhone and Android (three months, in fact), but, thankfully, the game appears to have side-stepped the endless delays that afflicted Final Fantasy Tactics and will be out on the App Store next month.

Chrono Trigger is widely regarded by many (including me) as one of the all-time great Japanese role-playing games. It first appeared on the SNES 16 years ago, and has been ported to a variety of consoles in the intervening period.

It follows the tale of Crono, who, thanks to a combination of bad luck and a dormant evil, finds himself and his best friend thrown back in time (and forward), accidentally changing the present, fixing the past, and saving the future.

Despite being from the age of JRPGs where random battles and linear storylines were considered the norm, Chrono Trigger is a surprisingly progressive game: it features battles that can be avoided on the main map, multiple endings that depend on a certain condition, and even optional story quests that have a big effect on the resultant plot.

We don’t have any details yet on the price of the title, but given that this is Square Enix, don’t expect it to be at the 69p end of the App Store scale.